Water Filtration Equipment

Reverse Osmosis Systems

The reverse osmosis water filtration system process provides the purest form of water, removing the impurities, improving taste and giving you crystal clear water. By helping you eliminate unnecessary use of plastic water bottles, it also reduces waste in landfills!  

Water Filtration Systems

Looking for clean, mineral-rich water? Our filtration systems remove the harmful contaminates while leaving the minerals your body needs while saving you money. 

Water Softener Equipment

Help your appliances and fixtures work more efficiently and last longer by using our water softening equipment. These systems will reduce your cleaning time and lower your need for harsh chemical cleansers, soaps, shampoos and detergents.

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Your family deserves the purest water possible. We sell and rent equipment to fit your needs. Call us to get started with the system that's right for you!


Want to serve your employees and customers with the finest purified water and ice? Let use provide you with the equipment you need!


Need pure ice and water to use in your manufacturing process? We have the equipment you need to make this happen!


Want clean pure water to use for your customers at your business? The Water Factory Co. will make sure you have the best system for your equipment.


Be sure to ask about our convenient equipment rental plans. 

The West Texas Region

The Water Factory Co. is proud to serve the entire west Texas region. We can deliver to your home or your business with fast and reliable service!